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ET contact september 2017.

ETC experiences Posted on Thu, November 02, 2017 10:18:23

Sharing an ET contact experience I had in September, 2017.

I went outside for a skywatch and brought my 4K video camcorder with me with almost fully charged batteries.

In my backyard staring at the beautiful milkyway I experienced this huge flash of radiant light just above me were I was standing.

The flash of this light was so huge and bright that it looked like as if the moon had exploded.

I was in total bliss, the energy was running through my body. I rushed to turn on my camcorder. To my surprise the batteries were dead!

I then hurried to the front of my yard to continue gazing for more appearances of these flashes.

Sure enough 2 smaller flashes appeared at the same spot along side a joyful and peaceful feeling of not being alone.

The camcorder just had its batteries shut down by “I wonder who”?

But I guess although I was not able to capture this amazing event I am ever so greatful that my camcorder didnt explode ☺!


ET contact 12/4-2017 at 23.30 pm.

ETC experiences Posted on Sun, April 16, 2017 17:07:28

Again I had this urge to go outside to have a look at the sky and almost instantly I noticed a blinking light way up there on the clear sky. It gave off one powerful blink and then after approximately 3-5 seconds it blinked again, and then it blinked for the third time.

The blinking sphere of light seemed to be stationary, it did not move and it made no sound.
My friend came outside to have a look and he could also witness the sphere of light as it had paused for a few seconds and then it started up blinking again as if in a pattern of 3-4 blinks before it just disappeared again.

The blinking light was so powerful that it lit up the area around it so this was for sure not a twinkling star or any lights from an aircraft. It gave me an instant feeling of knowing that this was an ET sighting there to make its presence known to us.

These experiences always leaves me with so much gratitude and joy, and it helps by giving me more energy, strength and inspiration to continue my work.

Be kind and keep your eyes to the sky 🙂

ET contact, friday 7/4-17 at 20.30 pm.

ETC experiences Posted on Tue, April 11, 2017 14:36:06

I have had several intuitive and telepathically messages to make contact over the years. Each time I respond to the message and go out to investigate the skies there is always a sighting. This friday I got this feeling that I had to go out and watch the skies and for sure there it was, a beautiful sphere og light.

The sphere was larger than a star and the light was more intens. It moved forward in zig zag motion and with a speed much faster than an aircraft. I am used to seeing aircrafts since I live close to the airport so I know if it is an aircraft or not. This was not an aircraft. It had no sound to it and it seemed to move towards my house. I was so thrilled about what I saw that I had to call for my friend to come outside to have a look. But as I called for him I knew instanty through a telepathic message that he was not going to see this, and that this experience was for me.

And surely enough as he was about to enter the porch the sphere of light dimmed down and it just disappeared in an blink of an eye. I was so excited by the sighting and I knew without a doubt that this was a visit from my Star family.

Still outside on the porch emotions like joy, bliss and gratitude araised within me and I felt so joyful and upliftet. I couldnt stop talking about what I had just seen to my family so I talked my way back into the living room. I felt an urge to express my heartfelt gratitude from within to my Star family for showing up. In my quite state of mind and in the depth of my heart deep rooted emotions of pure love araised and forced its way out in tears of joy.

I could vividly sense their presence and something was lifted and healed within me. Everything happens so fast that the mind itself have problems with comprehending and analysing the experience, which is a good thing because then you know that those strong feelings of joy and bliss are real, and to me it indicates a true experience not just a mental constuction.

As I mentioned I have had several sightings throughout my life and all of them have been uplifting and life changing experiences. I am sure that many more will come not only for me but to many and more of us.

We are truly in the most exciting times on Earth. We are experiencing great changes on the planet and within the consciousness of the Human race. It will keep on escalating in the near future upon the point were life on earth will never be the same again.

It will be the most blissful experience of the human kind. We will have the opportunity by the will of pure intetions, an open and loving mind and heart to experience our true nature, our true Self and come together in Unity consciousness to create abundance and loving harmony for all living beings.

The Earth will return to be the paradise it was always ment to be, and it all begins within ourselves and our willingness to be of service to others smiley.