Sharing an ET contact experience I had in September, 2017.

I went outside for a skywatch and brought my 4K video camcorder with me with almost fully charged batteries.

In my backyard staring at the beautiful milkyway I experienced this huge flash of radiant light just above me were I was standing.

The flash of this light was so huge and bright that it looked like as if the moon had exploded.

I was in total bliss, the energy was running through my body. I rushed to turn on my camcorder. To my surprise the batteries were dead!

I then hurried to the front of my yard to continue gazing for more appearances of these flashes.

Sure enough 2 smaller flashes appeared at the same spot along side a joyful and peaceful feeling of not being alone.

The camcorder just had its batteries shut down by “I wonder who”?

But I guess although I was not able to capture this amazing event I am ever so greatful that my camcorder didnt explode ☺!