Nature Spirit guidance;

I come from a family with an shamanic heritage and was brought up living
close to nature. Throughout my life I have had a close relationship to nature
Spirits such as all different kinds of animals and even trees and plants.

They do have a spirit and are able to communicate with us if
we are open and receptive to it. I learned that I could talk to them through
telepathy, visions/pictures and emotions or empathy.

To have a connection like this and being guided by these
Spirits in life has been a great blessing. Just by accepting the reality of
their Spirit and wanting to learn from them they have been more than willing to
assist in my growth. Their guidance have been profoundly valuable an accurate
to where I need to be in different circumstances in my life.

I have been particularly guided by many different animals.
They tend to show up both in dreams, visions and meditations but also in
physical form. Not only do they make their presence clearly known to me when I
seek answers and guidance, but they also seek my attention to let me know that
something has happened or are about to happen that concerns me.

I always pay attention to whenever a spirit guide shows up and I make sure to follow up by interpreting the message as best as I can from experience or from preferable resources. Most of the time I will just end up knowing intuitively what the message is.

I will share an experience I had last night with this beautiful spider.

I was going to bed when I saw this spider that was stuck to a clothing roll and was not able to move. His legs and parts of his body were caught on the sticky clothing roll. Luckily I saw the poor guy before I would have accidentally smashed him.

My immediate reaction was to save this little guys life and at the same time I just knew that there was a message there for me as well. I couldnt figure out how on earth I was going to remove him safely from the sticky paper without injuring him. I had this brilliant idea to go downstairs to pour some flour on the paper to remove the stickiness. I then used a wooden tooth picker to carefully remove his tiny legs and body from the paper.

He was free to go, but I had to offer him a drop of water first. It seemed to me that the spider was not in a hurry, and that he needed some time to recover from the experience. I gently blew some of the flour off of his back and left him to recover.

I told him that I was happy that he was not injured and that I appreciated his beauty, patience and strength. He raised one of his long legs as if giving me a high five :). What a truly awesome experience of connection and awareness with this tiny beautiful Spirit.

Knowing that the spider is a powerful messenger I had to find out what it was. I reflected upon my own specific situation going on at that time, and found that the message was truly significant.

I want to share with you the main message of the spider;

An opportunity to access your deepest wisdom and assimilate it so that it becomes a part of your daily living.
Beware of any traps or ruses that you are tempted to get involved in.

Rather than staying stuck in this apparent impass (I want to refere to the spider who was stuck to the clothin roll), open up your mind to all of those infinite possibilities that are ahead, and make a choice.
Do not limit yourself to the mundane world, but be willing to explore other dimensions and realities.

It is time to write creatively without limits of tradition and habit, allowing yourself to be inspired by Nature (which I currently had decided to do prior to this experience, and now I have found great joy and inspiration in writing), amazing, is it not)?

Just by sharing this with you I have already assimilated the wisdom and message of the beautiful spider. It is truly an amizing journey to be a part of with all the wonders and beauty that unfolds right before your very existence.

I really hope this will inspire you to truly consider our relations to all living beings 🙂