Again I had this urge to go outside to have a look at the sky and almost instantly I noticed a blinking light way up there on the clear sky. It gave off one powerful blink and then after approximately 3-5 seconds it blinked again, and then it blinked for the third time.

The blinking sphere of light seemed to be stationary, it did not move and it made no sound.
My friend came outside to have a look and he could also witness the sphere of light as it had paused for a few seconds and then it started up blinking again as if in a pattern of 3-4 blinks before it just disappeared again.

The blinking light was so powerful that it lit up the area around it so this was for sure not a twinkling star or any lights from an aircraft. It gave me an instant feeling of knowing that this was an ET sighting there to make its presence known to us.

These experiences always leaves me with so much gratitude and joy, and it helps by giving me more energy, strength and inspiration to continue my work.

Be kind and keep your eyes to the sky 🙂