I will share my own experience with how I make contact with Extra Terrestrials and other multi dimentional beings.

I must say that it has helped me a lot to have had several encounters with different beings since my childhood. I grew up knowing that the “unseen” world of entities exsisted.

I knew little about how my life would unfold being an intuitive empath. (An intuitive empath is a person who has an unusual capacity for sensing and understanding the feelings of others and the energy around you.) I could not avoid how strongly I could feel and sense seen and unseen living beings around me.

Being an intuitive empath has not been easy. The challenges over time since early childhood has been many such as feeling different, a sense of loneliness, feeling misunderstood, judged , overwhelmed by other people and their feelings and attitudes, the lack of faith and trust, heartbroken by the suffering in the world and the feeling of helplessness amongst many other things.

It has been many years of challenging inner work to be able to balance the sensitivity, but with some experiences along with understanding it has become a blessing and a gift that can be used to navigate in the unseen world and to help others.

With studying the key elements to what attracts contact experiences and trying them out I have found out that the main keys are how you are being able to tap into the right state of your mind, heart and your intentions.

Anyone can have a UFO sighting that just seems to happen for no reason but I believe there is always a reason for it to happen. Only you yourself will know the true reason for you having that experience, and it requires a search for that truth within your heart, and that is another exciting journey to explore.

Before we have a closer look at the keys to contact I have to address the importance to know about the “as above so below” aspect of contact. It is with many years of experience and research that I will state that both benevolent and malevolent entities DO exist. That needs to be recognized and dealt with.

There are still some people insisting that there are no such thing as malevolent beings, but to me that is a very irresponsible attitude to have upon making contact. I have myself encountered beings that didnt have my best interest at heart. I have by now learned how to deal with those occations.

Keep in mind that there ARE beings that exists on lower dimensions and who vibrates with a lower frequecy than others. It is all about the frequency of vibration/energy. You would at least want to attract beings from a higher dimension who vibrates with a frequency of love, bliss and joy etc, all in the favor of expanding your own consciousness towards these Universal truths.

I always recommend to do some clearing of negative energies before making contact. I find the “tools for healing unseen negative influences” by James Gilliland (ECETI) to be very usefulto do on a regularly basis if you are doing contact, healing and clearing work. I have shared it in my “Spiritual Tools” blog post.

In addition to clearing I always start off preparing for contact through meditation, and then I can add that with some fieldwork all together. If you do not need to have a physical sighting of an ET craft in the skies the field work is not necessary.

There are different ways of experiencing contact and some of them are through sightings, telepathy, dreams, astral travels, and meditation.

It is also important to have some discerning skills in working with contact to be able to know for sure if the contact is real or if it is just from a made up mental construction.

With some focused training and some essential keys to contact you will be successful. It is for sure rewarding to indulge in the spiritual approach to contact.

In whatever way I chose to make contact I always make sure that I have contemplated on the open and loving mind and heart and my intentions for contact. I must mention the “like attracts like” aspects of it too. For it is so that what you radiate from within is what you will attract.

I will list the keys, or the very important aspect for making contact with multidimensional realities and try to explain them in short term from my point of view.

To have an open mind;
To be willing to consider or receive new and different ideas. It means being flexible and adaptive to new experiences and ideas. A mind as free as possible from limited mental constructed concepts.

A loving and peaceful heart;

To truly being able to love and accept yourself and others, including all creation, and only want what is best for the greater good. To adapt a non violent and peaceful state of being. To be in a state of joy, bliss and love.

A pure and good intent;
To have an intent or a wish that stems from a pure and loving heart. An intent that is meant to be of unselfish service for both your own and others highest benefit. A pure intent also involves a somewhat transcended Ego free from judgment and selfish demands. A good intent would be a wish for the highest and best of all creation.

I am sure that if you have the patience and dicipline to work with these tools you will have a profound and enlightened contact with multidimensional beings, and my hope is that you will use these contact experiences to help heal and raise awareness in this world. That way we will play a significant and important role in changing this world into a loving, peaceful and abundant world to thrive in.

Good Luck!

And please do share your experiences with me if you like 🙂