From a Starseeds point of view:

When are we the people going to reclaim the power of Self back?To fully trust that we were all born with loving compassion towards All living beings? To stop supporting corporations that obviously dont care about us or the Earth?

Corporations are Machines, they dont have a Soul and they only care about money, your money. They sell us the idea that we are above nature and that being compassionate is a weakness.They rip us apart from our true natur and each other as loving custodians of this Earth. They feed us the illusions about our dependecy upon them and the corrupt world leaders, and the worst thing that happens is that we freely give away our power to this illusion and we by into it.

We completely loose our sense of Self, our sense of Empowerment. They got us just were they want us as a slave race feeding upon us. And being enslaved ourselves we enslave others creating suffering and violence. It is a vicious circle.

There is a war going on for our consciousness by true unseen dark forces and technical weapons are used to supress our consciousness. This war has been going on since the beginning of time. We just need to do our research, to seek the truth, come together in Unity and take actions to wake up from this Enslavement and reclaim our power of Self. We are truly loving powerful human beings. It is not the end, it is not over, and there is above all nothing to fear.

We are related to each other and to a great civilization from the Stars that seeded us here upon Earth. These benevolent forces are here to join us and they want us to seek the truth, to grow, to take actions and reclaim our true Self. They want us to join forces with them and recreate Heaven on Earth through Unity consciousness as it always was ment to be. The battle is happening right Now as I write.

The Earth is in transition, in birth, and the Universe is creating pressure because pressure is what creates change and birth to new life. We are in times of great cleansing. Malevolent dark forces are being removed by our Star Ancestors. This will sound like a fiction story to many of you but anything you can imagine already exists. It is our limited consciousness that has supressed the truth.

I am not depended upon believers cause I am not alone.
Many of us do feel the pressure going on and it causes various reactions both in the physical and emotional body. The symptomes are many. This also happens to several of us simultaneously. The more awake, conscious, and sensitive you are you have already noticed this and have perhaps already questioned it.

We are truly going through this birth process together with Mother Earth and All living beings, and the more conscious we are the more prepared we become.
Some of us are awakened to our Star Ancestry. We have many names and we know who we are. We are here to help All creation. It is what we came here to Earth to do, and it has always been our true mission. We are not above anyone else because we know that All of us were seeded from the Stars and We Are All Related.

We live in the most exiting times. The energies are more powerful than ever before. Lets join forces and gather with loving peaceful intentions for All creation.
Lets Seek the wisdom of our Hearts were our Souls resides. Our Soul is connected to the Creator, the Source, and from there we are reunited with the power of Self recreating our true destiny amongst the Stars.